Body Treatments


Classic basic treatment with relaxing, draining and toning effects throughout the body.


It resolves small muscle injuries and improves functionality and tone.

DRAINING treatment

Aid for the elimination of toxins and liquids, adjuvant of the lymphatic system.

SPORTS treatment

Preparatory treatment, de-fatiguing and invigorating for sportsmen and amateurs of competitive and amateur sports.


The use of TAPE tapes to solve small muscle problems especially in sports.


Lower limbs, shoulder and upper limbs, lumbar and cervical. Massotherapic treatment adapted to solve small problems and bodily traumas.


Sensory and Emotional


THAILAND treatment Wat Po Chiang Mai

The Thai treatment has the ability to reduce bodily dysfunctions, freeing energy lines, blocked by muscle tension and psycho-energetic overloads through manipulation and muscle stimulation and SEN points both in Wat Pho and Chiang Mai technique.

Note: the person receiving the treatment remains dressed; no oils or essences are used.


A dive into our deepest strength, through relaxation induced by a careful listening to the basic rhythms of our system, the connective system and the dance of our cranial bones through a light and non-invasive contact.

Note: the person receiving the treatment remains dressed; no oils or essences are used, no manipulation.

AYURVEDIC treatment

An ancient technique that brings us back with the senses to a past of oriental wisdom and a present, rich in benefits from the psycho-physical point of view. Holistic technique to restore a balance between mind and body, especially stimulating the energy centers of the body, the so-called chakras


The use of rhythms, music and movements to cure alterations in muscle tone from stress, insomnia, anxiety neurosis, spasticity of intestinal muscles, psychosomatic disorders. Achieve aesthetic improvements due to drainage and improvement of the aesthetic vision of oneself.

Note: the person receiving the treatment remains dressed; no oils or essences are used.


Treatment linked to the Maori New Zealand culture with muscle relaxant, draining, scaling and relaxing effects

Hawaiian LOMI LOMI NUI® with 2 and 4 hands

It improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles, helps to eliminate toxins, facilitates sleep, favoring a general mental and physical well-being

KIREI and KOBIDO® (facial treatment)

The Kirei and Kobido treatment is particularly effective for unblocking muscle tension and stimulating the facial nerves that reach the skin cells, but also to improve blood flow.

ROMANO THERMAL® (body treatment)

The aim of the treatment is beauty, drainage of excess fluids, skin elasticity, reactivation and stimulation of blood circulation, to make the skin compact and toned


Classic body treatment combined with the use of essential oils to stimulate the sense of smell with perfumes and essences.

THAI OIL Massage®

It is a complete treatment on the whole body and the recipient will have the sensation of feeling truly renewed with a draining and relaxing effect


Treatments can be performed or terminated on the EMOTIO SPA emotional pool. A pleasant relaxing sensation on the water cushion assisted by the rain, chrome and infrared therapy effect. An adjunct to treatments to awaken forgotten sensations. A worthy ending to all our treatments.

Note: In Cyclamen the Treatments Ask if operators available.BODY TREATMENTS


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Timetables and Price

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